Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This post will be about the day trip I took to Turku, Finlands third largest city and one of the coolest ones I have been to so far. The trip there was nice, it was a quiet buss ride with a cool driver. He was playing reggae the whole way there. In Finland, you can take a bus anywhere. The bus system is much more sophisticated than in America and you can have a bus card or pay in cash. In Finland, there are no checks.

 Once I finaly got to the city, I whipped out my camera- so many sights and so little time!  This guy was painted on a building. I was trying to get to the centrum- a big square in the middle of town and got a little lost, no worries though. I just got better picture opportunities.

 First thing to do- Find a Hesburger
it is like Finnish Mcdonalds but better and is the reason Finland is the only country where Mcdonalds can't turn a Profit. Another reason is that in FI, people like to buy products made in Finland, this passive nationalism, I think, is one of the main reasons for Finlands success despite its size
A Big Bell- I am sure there is some significance to the bell- I just don't know it

 A Squirrel- Probably no significance other than cuteness, still worth mentioning though, these are the normal squirrels in FI, they are darker and have diffeent ears than their American brothers
Restaurant called Smileys, was cheap but good. (I ate half a Pizza)